Held Hostage

I had just left a friend’s house at night and walked across the street before getting an uber. I was on my phone finding one when I looked up and walking down the street opposite me were all these young school children in uniforms. The children were being directed by people with guns. All of … More Held Hostage


I have weird extremely vivid dreams. I inherited this from my mother and from a young age we have shared them. Mine are very colourful and odd so for years she has suggested I start writing them down. Seeing as I’ve started sharing my story I thought this is a perfect time to share my … More Dreams

Last night

Weird dream with back story. I had a dream where in my living room all the high points were monkeys. An infestation of them. The windows had been left open and they invaded my living room. I had found them as I’d got out of bed to get a glass of water. I didn’t notice … More Last night

Dior and I

After a good two years since the documentary was released, I finally watched it on a Friday night. My housemates were out, I was in the right headspace and had no distractions. It was amazing! The whole time I was watching I knew I wasn’t alone. My beautiful aunt who introduced me to the dream … More Dior and I