Held Hostage

I had just left a friend’s house at night and walked across the street before getting an uber. I was on my phone finding one when I looked up and walking down the street opposite me were all these young school children in uniforms. The children were being directed by people with guns. All of … More Held Hostage

I took a break. Not 100% by choice but I couldn’t find a job to go to that I loved and I really did NEED the break. I took almost two months. I started thinking more seriously about starting a business for myself and then a wonderful friend told me about a program to assist … More

Be this, do that

You need to breathe You need a break You’re not well, rest! You’re holding things to close, you need to let go. In my head, as much as I know these comments are coming from a loving place. They hurt, they stress me out and worst of all, they make me doubt me. I recently … More Be this, do that

The good blah

A constant difficulty of mine is staying in the present moment. I’m very good at holding on to what’s happened in the past as well as planning or setting expectations in the future.  These last two weeks though I have been present. For almost every moment of every day. Perhaps it’s been because there have … More The good blah

The invitation

​It was a rocky start to the year, was always going to be. But I’ve made some big decisions and steps forward.  I have to remind myself to be kind to myself, I have a very bad habit of being my harshest critic.  I have more good days than bad but I still find my … More The invitation