Held Hostage

I had just left a friend’s house at night and walked across the street before getting an uber.

I was on my phone finding one when I looked up and walking down the street opposite me were all these young school children in uniforms.

The children were being directed by people with guns. All of a sudden there were people with guns rounding us (it wasn’t just children anymore) up, one grabbed my phone which I quickly snatched back (stupid but luckily no repercussions) without them noticing. I got told to sit on the other side of the road barrier and wait. A gun was pointed to my while I was told this.

We were all scared and I was trying to contact the police with my phone without the people with guns noticing.

I don’t remember the rest of the dream but I have a feeling the gunman moved on and we were all safe again. Terrifying though. This could happen at any time, in real life.

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