I took a break.

Not 100% by choice but I couldn’t find a job to go to that I loved and I really did NEED the break.

I took almost two months. I started thinking more seriously about starting a business for myself and then a wonderful friend told me about a program to assist me with it.

So now after over 2 months of unemployment, I am becoming self employed.

This has taken a huge weight off my shoulders but replaced it with a new kind of stress. A stress that is worth it. More manageable. I am scared but also completely accepting that I may fail in this new venture. The main thing is that I have the guts to take a risk when I’ve been afraid for so long now. After being knocked down so many times, I’m getting back up, brushing myself off and taking another shot at life.

I have old friends back in my life who are just being there. Making me laugh out loud and understanding when I have a tough day that I’m going to be a tearful mess.
I have new friends too, who I get to share this new me with, who are crazy, ridiculous and accepting of me. Who don’t call me bossy, but instead, bold. I now speak my mind, like I used to. I know how short life can be so I just do not see the point in spending my time listening to drivel when I’m not learning or getting anything out of it. It’s just stupid! Ok, maybe I’d learn patience but sorry, not going to happen, unless I want it to…

Sorry for the mind jumble here, it’s been a long time since I’ve written and my mind is a jumble at the moment, so that’s how you get it.

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