Taking care of myself… 

It’s been a little while since I last posted but it’s not because of bad things, I’ve been extremely happy. 

Active with climbing, socialising and now my latest activity just for me – salsa dancing. 

Since I have so much happening each week now, my nights are longer and later and although my medication helps, lack of sleep is cutting out their assistance. 

As much as I’d love to be like most people and go out socialising, dancing and climbing all week. My body and mind can’t handle it. 

Today is Thursday and I’ve have 2 late nights and early mornings in a row this week. I can see and feel the toll… I have the anxiety ticks in my feet: constant fidgeting, my patience is pretty much non-existent and my temper wants to spike. I’m trying everything in my power not to lose it because I’m already feeling the regret and upset if I do. 

If I didn’t have an important client meeting this afternoon, I’d ask to go and work from home for the rest of the day. Not a option though. 

So what do I do to try and keep it together until after my meeting? Drinking herbal tea, smelling my peppermint oil (try it!), deep breaths and I’m attempting to walk away before any conflict. 

I just want to sleep. I’ve cancelled climbing tonight because I really can’t do it. Physically, I’m exhausted but mentally, I’m a mess. I’m keeping the tears at bay so far. Fingers crossed I can maintain it. This dreary weather doesn’t help. It effects my mood way too much and I really wish it didn’t.

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