New Year – new meds

After a few weeks away from the office I felt like I started feeling like maybe the Zoloft wasn’t working as well as it once had. I decided to get back into work and test my emotions before going back to my GP. Week one was great but week 2 saw me as a mess and I had to sit and hear some brutal truths from my boss. I took the criticism on board and jumped straight into action. Back to regular coaching/therapy and talk to my GP. 

My first therapy session for the year was great. I left feeling light, in control, excited, determined and empowered – feelings I haven’t felt in a long time.

Yesterday I saw my GP and she’s suggested I move to a more anxiety prescribed antidepressant called Lexapro (sounds like a computer brand!). I’m to gradually lower my dosage of Zoloft before switching to a very low dosage of Lexapro and go up gradually. My GP said this may keep happening until we find something that works but hopefully this will, regular therapy will get me back to the best me I can be and I can try life without medication.

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