The inability to speak

I woke up tongue tied. When I spoke it came out as gibberish and even writing or typing was gibberish.

In my mind I could think clearly.

I had no way to communicate or ask for help. I tried calling triple zero but they accused me of prank calling.

No one was home so I decided I’d just go to work and get help there.

When I got to work I tried telling my manager what was wrong through facial expression.

She called my Sydney emergency contact and they said to ask my parents if this had ever happened my manager called my dad and he confirmed I’d never suffered from this before and said to take me to hospital. My manager then called my emergency contact again to see if she could collect me but she was in a meeting so said to call an ambulance as I couldn’t tell a taxi where to go. When I got to the hospital I couldn’t fill in a form but they had my details in the system from a previous trip. I was hoping they could just give me an injection to fix it but I woke up before I was cured… 

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