Frill or frilled? 

I woke up to find a frilled-neck lizard the size of an eight week old golden retriever pup in my bedroom. 

Just to reiterate, this was a dream.

It hissed and jumped onto my bed, I screamed and it ran into the living room. I ran after it screaming for my housemate to get off the couch and get it out of the house. He just sat there looking at me like I was crazy – the housemate not the lizard.

Before I decided to write this post I looked up frill necked lizards. Wikipedia mentions nothing about them being poisonous but in my dream they were. They also couldn’t deduce whether they’re frilled neck lizards or fill necked lizards.

Anyway, the lizard got shoved out the back door with a broom and I went back to bed.

Reptiles freak me out and normally it’s just snakes in my nightmares, they terrify me (can’t even look at them on tv) but now it seems frill necked lizards have come to get me too. Not cool.

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