Me, myself and music

Apart from when I’m sleeping, talking to people and watching a movie or TV I’m listening to music. It’s what gets me through the day. Waiting for my ferry to work, working, reading and walking. Don’t get me wrong I love just listening to the rest of the world to but majority of the time I need a soundtrack. It helps me take more control of my thoughts.

A scary movie wouldn’t be a scary movie without music. Don’t believe me? Go watch a scary movie on mute but with subtitles. The hair on the back of your neck won’t be standing up that’s for sure!

Like I said, I use music to help have a bit of control over my moods. If I’m going into a black tunnel of over-thinking-going-to-a-bad-place-not-the-best-timing I’ll change the track. I’ll find something upbeat. I’ll switch to my “feel better” playlist on Spotify. I do this not to shut off my feelings always but just when it’s not the right time or place to lose it. Those times are for home, on my own or with family and friends. I can’t get through the day or my job if I let those feelings pop up throughout the day.

I don’t even need music with lyrics, Hans Zimmer has created some knock-out uplifting  compositions. His “feels” pieces really hit home too. They help me breathe.

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