Add 62 years

I feel like I’m 90.

Today I bought a pill cutter. To make things even more pathetic I got excited because the $6 contraption has not one, but two compartments for storing my cut up pills.

As recommended by the GP, I moved from half a 50mg Zoloft to a full one on Monday. Big mistake! My jaw felt tight, my ears blocked and I spent the entire day feeling like I was suffering from motion and sickness. Just looking both ways to cross the street set me off. I emailed the GP and went back to taking half a tablet. At the end of this week I go up to 3/4, hence the need for a pill cutter.

Apparently my liver metabolises medication slowly. Odd seeing as I metabolise everything else super fast.

I wrote the above whilst I was on my lunch break doing laps of a nearby park, exercise is GP prescribed too and seeing as I’m not good with the early morning running crowd and come evening I really cbf’d lunchtime walks is where my exercise is at. Have to admit it definitely makes me feel better.

As I did my laps and wrote this post I kept an eye out for some red. But none. There was rusted red, awful construction signage red but not shine through red. Very disappointing. Since I finally decided on a name for this blog I’ve been keeping an eye out for bits of red in the world but no luck so far.

Keep an eye out for me please readers!

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