Last night

Weird dream with back story. I had a dream where in my living room all the high points were monkeys. An infestation of them. The windows had been left open and they invaded my living room. I had found them as I’d got out of bed to get a glass of water. I didn’t notice them at first and after I got my glass of water and started walking back to my room I felt wet. The wretched monkeys were peeing on me!!!
I called my mum and told her that I too had a monkey infestation, consciously I thought “how the fuck did I know that she had a monkey infestation first?!” but i did. Any she recommended I start screeching at them and way a broom around. It worked. They started disappearing out the windows and open door. I shut them all and peace. Some monkey poo and pee leftover but peace.

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