Gilmore Girls

With the new Gilmore Girls episodes having just been released on Netflix I’ve been reminded of the first time I started watching it back in the 00’s.
They spoke to fast and my mum had such difficulty keeping track, she never understood why i enjoyed it so much and I didn’t either then apart from the fact that they were cool and fun and ate whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. They drank coffee all the time and had insane knowledge of films and books.

I now know why i understood the fast pace talk and liked it. Here is an example, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

My brain, Lorelai Gilmore, is exactly the same. As I type this I’m thinking about my shopping list, my therapy session I have this afternoon, should I check how my work competition is going? No. What else is on my work list? Seeing as I’m writing I should totally write the congratulations winner email draft now. No. It’s the weekend you should be outside, walking not working. Gotta get this out though or I might explode. Try the mindfulness breathing. See “inhale” see “exhale” they get blurred and see old person riding on a bicycle.

Now read that second paragraph again out loud and as fast as possible. Welcome to my brain. No caffeine involved. Just some Zoloft and water.

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